In the Realms of Gold
A DaVinci Code for Kids
What do an ancient Greek philosopher, a nineteenth century sea captain, and a twentieth century architect have in common? That's what twelve year-old Alice Lee and her brother Dexter want to find out. Together they have spent their lives following their archaeologist parents from one university to anotherĀ  throughout Europe and the Middle East. Now Alice finds herself in a new life in a Midwestern college town. The prospect seems frighteningly ordinary until she and Dex encounter their new home, the strange old house called Aurealana. Discovering a riddle left inside, the twins find themselves in a race to solve a series of intricate puzzles planted years before by the house's former owner. But a secret opponent who understands more than they do also wants the prize at the end. But the closer Alice and Dex get to solving the last puzzle, the more dangerous the race becomes.
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